thomsen food line a/s

One of the leading suppliers  af fresh and frozen poultry, pork, and beef for the scandinavian foodservice and industry markets

individual solutions

Many years of cooperation with customers worldwide, has provided us with a network that makes it possible for us to deliver individual solutions, that fit our customers needs, with liability, high quality and safety standards at eye.

Service & flexibility

We fully support and understand our industry and foodservice customers needs and we strive everyday to make it possible for you to reach your goals.



is an active choice products of premium quality, produced fully focused on the pure natural taste.

VELVALGT = European chicken
VELVALGT = no additives
VELVALGT = packed in biodegradable packaging
VELVALGT = chosen with great care


From raw to convinience

We cover the category fra raw EU-chicken to processed products.
Solutions based on the customers need.


customer based solutions

Based on the customer needs.
Individual solutions regarding weight, looks and taste.


Solutions with and witout soy

A solution for everyone
- it covers not only main meals, but also snackstimes.


We have suppliers, whom we have cooperated with in many years. It is very important for us to create trustworthy collaborations.