Whether we are supplying the global bulk trade markets or local Scandinavian catering and retail markets, our commitment to reliability and product quality remains unchanged.





MEAT FREE med soya

MEET FREE uden soya



Thomsen Food Line handles a large variety and quantity of frozen and fresh beef products. Many items originate from our group’s factory in Germany,


In addition, our market knowhow has allowed us to extend our sourcing base of beef products to include purchasing throughout Europe and South America in order to supply the increasing demand from our customers.


We cover our customers’ needs for all types of cuts – ranging from high value quality products like matured tenderloins and striploins to production meat like boneless forequarter meat and trimmings. In every case, we value a high level of food safety and integrity.


While chicken products – such as chicken feet, wings, legs, etc. – make up the main volume of our poultry trade, turkey, goose and duck are also important segments in our range.


We take in pride in delivering the right product at the right price – while addressing important food safety and product quality concerns.


Thomsen Food Line sources broiler products on a global basis through outstanding supply relationships with well-established producers in Europe & South America.


Pork has been the most important field of trading for Thomsen Food Line from the very beginning, starting with skins for Thailand and feet and ears for the Hong Kong market. Today the company has expanded its product range as well its market reach, but high quality pork products are still a specialty of ours.


Thomsen Food Line distributes every part of the pig in the form of cuts and processed products to retailers, processors, and importers mainly throughout East Asia, Russia and Europe.


Lamb and mutton have a natural place in Thomsen Food Line’s product range. We supply a range of lamb products from carcasses to racks, bone-in, boneless and offal, mostly to East Asian markets, while some specific items go to the European market.


Our supply of frozen lamb and mutton originates mainly from the world’s great lamb-producing regions of South America, Australia and New Zealand.